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• Trailers & video files

teaser trailer (by raph) [zip file/DivX video - 17.1Mb]
(the transition from SS2 to TSP)
Also available on YouTube

official trailer (by raph) [zip file/DivX video - 14.9Mb]
(feat. ingame movie tracks from several levels, and the "Infinite Complexity" soundtrack by Crimson)
Also available on YouTube

from the cutting room floor:
cam002.avi - 2.65Mb
cutsceneripoff.avi - 3.17Mb
demo_Cs2.avi - 3.24Mb

• Screenshots


Medical 1 Medical 2 Medical 3


Rec 1 Rec 2


Storage A 1 Storage A 2 Storage B 3


Avionics 1 Avionics 2


CommandB 1 CommandB 2 CommandB 3

• Wallpapers (click to enlarge - 1024×768)

crion 1 crion 2 TSP ad tsp dark D'jure bg

• Artwork and design sketches

TSP advert

early storage map command basement map early layout for Fort Washington

misc weapon concepts railgun concept

• Music & Audio files

Command w/ AfterEffects (Crimson) [mp3 - 1.43Mb]
Cyberspace w/ AfteEffects (Crimson) [mp3 - 417Kb] -
Eskimos (Crimson) [mp3 - 592Kb]
Flying (Crimson) [mp3 - 565Kb]
Fort Washington w/ AfterEffects (Crimson) [mp3 - 1.24Mb]
Human (Crimson) [mp3 - 309Kb]
Infinite Complexity - TSP main Title (Crimson) [mp3 - 2.36Mb]
Sad Clip (Crimson) [mp3 - 209Kb]
SS2X3- Storage theme (Crimson) [mp3 - 2.26Mb]
The Cave - Command 1 (Crimson) [mp3 - 1.75Mb]

Discovery - Avionics (Jobby) [mp3 - 1.77Mb]
Frightening (Jobby) [wav - 739Kb]
HeartBeat (Jobby) [wav - 395Kb]
Incubator - Command B (Jobby) [mp3 - 1.22Mb]
Infiltration - Recreation (Jobby) [mp3 - 1.66Mb]
The Hacker (Jobby) [wav - 1.1Mb]
The Maze Command 2 (Jobby) [wav - 2.36MB]
The Replicator Song - Command 1 (Jobby) [wav - 1.56Mb]

Coffee as black as your fucking soul - Command Basement (Statik) [mp3 - 2.66Mb]
Cyberspace (Statik) [mp3 - 720Kb]
Fort Washington (Statik) [mp3 - 3.4Mb]
Medical (Statik) [mp3 - 2.1Mb]

Shodan test (Wynne) [mp3 - 255Kb]
TSP Advert (Jobby) [mp3 - 1,49Mb]