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These levels need ShockEd to be launched (you can find it here [zip - 5.2Mb]). As they are incomplete, you may have to use navigation tweaks in places, such as flying or going through walls, in order to see everything.

In order to display the levels correctly, you should install TSP's texture pack [zip - 350Kb] in your System Shock 2 folder. Create a new folder and rename it "fam", then extract all the zip files in it.

Several areas are code blocked or need a card. Usually the card is somewhere to be found in the level, and the code can be found with ShockEd (in the keypad properties).

Medical pre-earthquake, version 1 [zip - 1.22Mb]
Medical pre-earthquake, version 2 [zip - 1.23Mb]

Medical [zip - 1.19Mb]
Recreational [zip - 1.85Mb]
Command [zip - 1.6Mb] (doors not functional, needs 'light_bright')
Fort Washington [zip - 598Mb] (needs 'light_bright')
Avionics [zip - 1.22Mb]
Storage [zip - 5.7Mb] (two levels)
Command Basement [zip - 665Kb]
Command Building [zip - 3Mb]

Cyborg Testing Area [zip - 193Kb
Cyberspace [zip - 649Kb]