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Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
This means you may share, use and build upon this work as long as (1) you attribute it either to The Shock Project, Purkaia Software or specifically the author of the piece you will be using, and (2) use it for a System Shock 2 Mod or FM.
However the following conditions apply:
• You may check the levels to see how things were done, and use the textures and scripts and weapons. C-Space, architecture, object placement, you name it. Fine with that.
• You may not, however, use the existing levels as they are to make your own project.
• You may not use the plot and logs for anything other than inspiration/research. In other words, don't rip off.
• Some may want to resurrect TSP and try to complete it. That's fine. They will receive full support from us and we'll be happy to help them. In that case only the existing levels can be used and/or modified to some extent.
• And except for the usual tweaking here and there, the plot can not be modified, under any circumstances.

Please contact us otherwise.

- all original material:
© Purkaia Software 2000-.
- Shodan, TriOptimum, and anything System Shock related:
© Electronic Arts, Looking Glass and Irrational Games (now 2K Boston and 2K Australia)
- The Dark Engine:
© Eidos

This website is made by fans for fans, and generates no profit whatsoever.
The companies listed above have had no part in it and do not support it.
All material available on this site is free/freeware.
A legal copy of System Shock 2 is required to install and run ShockEd.

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