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Welcome to Purkaia Software.

Our story begins in December 2000. Initially composed of Lewis "PJamma God" Bannon, Roland "Crion" Mullock and Mike "JediK" Pelletier, what would become known as Purkaia Software among the Shock community rapidly grew to become one of the largest modding groups for the survival/horror PC game System Shock 2. Our goal? The Shock Project, a full-size, fan-made campaign with original objects, artwork and music using the ShockEd editor.
Sadly, three years later, we realized that it had become too big for us. We had made a lot of stuff, levels, music, you name it... but the spirit was gone. It had lasted too long, and we couldn't keep working on this forever because Real Life™ was also very demanding. Eventually, Purkaia officially disbanded in March 2004.

We decided to release all the resource files created and modded by the members of Purkaia Software, along with the levels, some of which are complete. We hope that you'll have as much fun playing through this project as we had creating it. We wanted it to be the unofficial System Shock 3... Well, at least we tried, right?

Consult the TSP postmortem.

See you on Rec!